Opening Today: Spectrum Gestalt 5

Pocket Sea, 2017, 4″x4″x7/8″, oil on cradled board


I’m delighted this tiny painting will be included in Spectrum Gestalt 5, an exhibition of works of predominantly one color, installed in an expansive spectrum.



“No one could write truthfully about the sea and leave out the poetry.” – Rachel Carson

Inspired by a childhood spent steps from the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by rivers and moving bodies of water, this painting reflects a deep-seated, primordial, and essential love of the sea. Regarding the surface of the ocean as an evocative parallel for the mystery of consciousness and all that being human entails, “Pocket Sea” is a glimpse of the vast infinities we all carry within us.



The image flows over all edges for a continuous expanse of water and contemplation.



If you are in the Santa Monica area, I hope you’ll pop into the blue section to check it out in person. It looks to be a wonderful show!


Spectrum Gestalt 5
June 16-July 8, 2018
Opening Reception Saturday, June 16, 5-9 pm
Closing Reception Sunday, July 8, 2-4 pm



Gestalt Project Space / bG Gallery
3009 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405 (map)

Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am-6pm
Telephone 1-310-906-4211


Presented by Gestalt Projects / bG Gallery






Opening this weekend: Interactive


Panel 175, featuring Discovery, Tenderness, and Fruition


I’m delighted to have three new paintings included in Interactive, presented by the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition (BWAC), opening this weekend! Aromatherapy boxes augment the multisensory experience of the paintings in this series by evoking the memories, psychological associations, and subconscious effects of therapeutic-grade essential oils paired with corresponding images.




Visitors are invited to breathe in the space above the box to experience the painting in conjunction with the scent. As part of the new Reminiscent series, I chose a series of essential oils that created an aromatherapeutic journey echoing the shifting energetic focus of three particularly significant inflection points in a person’s life.



Discovery – rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential oil is used for refreshment, rejuvenation, and stimulating the flow of the conscious mind. This heightened alertness is paired with Fibonacci spirals in an image of discovering one’s connectedness and place in the natural world.



Tenderness – jasmine essential oil

The fresh floral scent of jasmine evokes the exquisite, intoxicating delicacy of first kisses and falling in love in an image of the opening of infinite new possibilities from tender buds.



Fruition – cedarwood essential oil

A scent of fertility and abundance, cedarwood is associated with wisdom and beauty. This image explores plans and dreams in a life gathered together, a romantic love blooming to its fullness.



The wood of the accompanying boxes acts as an aromatherapy diffuser, allowing the essential oils to travel through holes in the lid to create a fragrant and evocative space around the painting.



Inside the box are soy wax and cotton pads impregnated with pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. The box interiors have also been rubbed with scented wax and hot oil to enhance the aromatherapeutic experience.




Interactive is on view every weekend September 23 through October 15, 1-6pm with an opening reception this Saturday and performances every weekend.


481 Van Brunt Street, Door 7
Red Hoook, Brooklyn (view map)


In addition to Interactive, BWAC is also hosting Material Matters, a juried exhibit of clay, glass, and wood; Grand Installations, a pop-up photo exhibit, and the Really Affordable Art $how, so there is truly something for everyone. I hope to see you there!