The Sky Where I Am

I have always taken photos of the sky. It is different every time I look at it, it makes me feel more connected to the people I love when we are apart, and it puts on extraordinary shows every day.




Four years ago today, I started my project The Sky Where I Am, collecting and sharing these images. I remember each moment so vividly that I become transported back through space and time to precisely what I was thinking about and feeling on that day. I hope these images bring others joy, beauty, or a moment to pause for contemplation. Above all, I hope they encourage you to look up, to truly see, and to cherish the natural world around you wherever you are.


A long overdue site update

I finally updated my portfolio site for the first time since about 2003. I gave its colors and text a little freshening up and took down some (but not all) of the series that had either been destroyed in hurricanes or no longer represented me as an artist.

The most substantial update is to the Photography section, which had not been updated since 2005 (oops). Instead of individual series, I tried to pick my best or most representative work from the past few years, organized into Nature, Travel, Art & Architecture, Lifestyle, and Semi-Abstract portfolios.



I realized that I’ve become so comfortable taking snapshots with my iPhone that I haven’t been carrying a real camera often. Instagram‘s gain is my photo portfolio’s loss, as the resolution of my iPhone shots just doesn’t hold up the way I’d like on a larger screen or for prints.

I also found a photo of a painting that’s already been in a private collection for the past 5 years. I didn’t think I had one, so I was glad to be able to add it.

Knowing, 2010, 30″x40″, oil on canvas

It’s part of a series of paintings called “You and Me,” which explores interpersonal (and especially romantic) relationships through lenses of philosophy, physics, and spirituality. Looking around my studio, I hope to have a lot more to add to this series soon.

This update made me painfully aware of how careless I’ve been with photographing my work, a habit I intend to change while I am carrying my camera around more often.

The Sky Where I Am

Lately I’ve noticed that a significant portion of the photos I take are of clouds, sunlight, weather, or in some way related to the status of the sky where I am. My Gmail address even alludes to how much time I spend looking up.

I decided to make it its own art-adjacent photo Tumblr:

The Sky Where I Am

The Sky Where I Am

I have all kinds of thoughts on social media’s influence on photography – and about photography in general – which I will try to organize into something more cohesive without just breathlessly saying, “Read Susan Sontag On Photography, it’s all happening, OMG!!!” sometime this spring.